Best Tucking Dress

Allow me to introduce you to the power clash. It is a term that I picked up from the character of Elijah from Girls, which he uses to describe a ‘fit Hannah is popping off when she wears two clashing prints.

I appropriated the term to describe wearing pieces that only an iconoclast would pair, to fantastic effect. Wearing complementary colors is a great way for the novice to experiment with power clashing, which is what I did when I accessorized this dress.

the Tucker Laura dress

This is the third time this dress has popped up on the blog, which is a conservative reflection of how often I wear it IRL.

This dress is machine washable cold, though it runs true to size so I always line dry it. The print is great; I haven’t seen many skin tones that the pink and orange do not flatter. I don’t normally like sleeves this length, but before sporting this dress, I never knew how flattering the length could be. Lastly, I love the dress because it has pockets; it keeps me from losing my phone, key, mind.

the Dress for Cocktails earrings

These earrings are fantastic. Initially I was skeptical about whether they would be comfortable. A big earring typically weighs heavy in the earlobe, literally. These Dress for Cocktails Suki Bow Earrings have not only the standard post and backing but also a clip that lessens the stress on the earlobe by redistributing the weight of the earring. Pretty clever stuff. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

pink and orange floral dress // bow earrings // necklace


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