Mission: Birthday Dress

A friend recently sent the SOS via Twitter about finding a birthday dress. That is pretty much the equivalent of my Batcall especially since like me, she tops the six foot tall threshold. Over a series of direct messages, I received the following criteria:

  • Her birthday consists of an indoor dinner at a restaurant which, while it does not have a dress code, has the implied reputation of requiring men to wear jackets.
  • She tops six feet. This might rule out mini dresses of certain brands and retailers. My personal standard is an absolute minimum length of dresses (with the exception of the below off the shoulder number) is 32 inches.
  • Footwear will be mid-height heels or flats; shoes are not a big issue. There will not be a ton of walking or standing.
  • She is a size two to four.
  • The budget is $300 or less. I had a personal target to provide a variety of pricepoints.
  • Her birthday is on the front half of June so while she is not dealing with a huge time crunch, a backordered style will not do. I am going to take the cue from the season and suggest primarily vividly colored frocks. (This dress is the exception and only because I have it, it is a great dress, and everyone gets the urge to have a minimalism moment as some point in their lives.)
  • No leopard. No tie dye.

Over twenty options, all available in the select sizes, (save for one) nothing shorter than 32 inches long:

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