Peacocking, or the act of drawing attention to oneself by sporting outlandish accoutrement, is going to be big this summer. After a year avoiding people outside of one’s pod (ahem, for most people), I predict that we will be seeing overdressing via formalwear, underdressing via visible undergarments, sequins, sequins paired with stripes a la Jenna Lyons circa 2013, metallic lame, neon, and big accessories, specifically headbands, turbans, and – wait for it – sequin turbans.

I do not think it is going to feel like overkill. I think it will seem almost editorial in the same way that we tuned into Gossip Girl back in the late aughts. I cannot wait to see what people are going to wear both virtually in the United States and in real life in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

To say I am Team Neon would be an understatement.

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