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I recall reading that the Gossip Girl series of books was going to be adapted into a major motion picture starring Lindsay Lohan circa mid-aughts. Hot off of 2004, my mind assumed we would be getting a Mean Girls 2.0. Granted, the books were popular with a generation younger than mine, so I had not read the original source material.

The first year of Gossip Girl coincided with my senior year of college. That is to say between studying, socializing, and working full time at Banana Republic and part time in cultural resources at an environmental firm, I did not prioritize time for television.

Cut to the second season and my first year of grad school. My roommates and I had a DVR so I could watch Gossip Girl as my schedule allowed it. I identified not only with Blair Waldorf’s style, but the way she pushed herself to only to come in second place to SvdW.

Oh and the headbands! It is my suspicion that Gossip Girl and more specifically, Eric Daman, made a household name (at least in my household) of Jennifer Behr. Back then, I did not have the budget to deign even thinking about buying one. Now I round up sales on Jennifer Behr. That is exactly how I amassed my own collection.

Credit: The CW

spotted: gossip girl style

Several times a week, I google Gossip Girl and check the news for new photos of the Upper East Side teens that I just know I am going to fear once the classic series returns to our screens this year. Identifying items that the characters are wearing has become a sort of parlor game for me. Oh hell yes, I bought those pink Lapima shades worn by Luna La otherwise known as Zion Moreno. While we are at it, add the Lapima mint green Teresa shades because, options.

The photo of Julien in an athletic get-up inspired a flashback to Louis Vuitton styles of decades past. The Papillon, which fits into the look as it mimics the shape of a duffel bag, disappeared from the brand too soon. During the aughts, I loved that I did not see it on the crook of every elbow or at least nearly as frequently as the Alma and the Speedy. And now? I want it more than ever.

Are Monet and Luna the new Penelope and Hazel? Surely HBO Max won’t glorify date rape advances a la Chuck Bass? Who is going to be Queen of Constance? Will there be headbands? For now, the below items will have to do.

And since we are regularly served up pap photos of the set, I will be updating this blog post with ID’d items and where to purchase.

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