Jennifer Behr Sale

Once again, I am dropping the intel on marked down and / or sale Jennifer Behr headbands.

Jennifer Behr headbands are great because not only are they the show stoppers, truly icing on the cake of an outfit, but they never leave me with headaches. I have been wearing headbands since elementary school, with a brief hiatus throughout high school, and I used to live with the associated headaches. Guess what? I do not have to deal with this anymore. It is truly revolutionary.

I just organized all of my headbands; they live in a drawer in my nightstand. The collection is large. I have every Jennifer Behr headband I could want but trust when I saw that I managed to find each one of them on sale.

I have said it before and I will say it again: finding Jennifer Behr headbands at Lele Sadoughi prices is my kink.


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