In a truly radical move, I mixed two houndstooth tweeds. I am trying to take more risks when it comes to getting dressed. I skipped the dark skinny denim tucked into riding boots for the first time wearing the blazer in favor of something just as traditional, but iconoclastic in mix.

the blazer

I purchased the blazer over Memorial Day weekend. Rowing Blazers was having a very generous sale. While I was stoked to save some money on quality blazers that would sure to become heritage pieces, I was especially concerned that the pandemic was bringing the end of the brand. Consequently, my husband and I stocked up on all things Rowing Blazers. Blazers? Yup! Masks? So freaking many. Tees? Duh. Madras shorts? Obvi.

I was worried over nothing. Though the single breasted blazer in the gun club houndstooth tweed was discontinued after the sale, the next generation design is just as fantastic. Same Scottish tweed (seriously Rowing Blazers had it woven especially for the run) and same brassy buttons. The style and the fabric of the blazer is so timeless, it is sure to be passed down.

Also? Rowing Blazers is not going anywhere. The brand just released their most successful collection to date.

the shirt

I will preface this by saying that wearing such a glossy, satin-y shirt is not exactly flattering through the camera lens. Every bit of pudge is highlighted by it. I don’t care though. Any disservice it does to my appearance is tempered by that huge, fantastic bow.

I bought the shirt (last seen here) from The Limited five years ago, just prior to the brand going out of its first generation of business. (Sidebar: Did you know The Limited brand is now being sold out of the regional department store Belk?) The Limited offered tall size range in tops, bottoms, and dresses, which is what sold me on this shirt.

blazer (old, updated version) // shirt (old, The Limited) // skirt // mask // headband // handbag // earrings // watch // nail color // flats (old, similar)


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