J.Crew Old School

Everything about this outfit is classic, and classic Lu. Cardigan, turtleneck, peacoat, wool skirt, headband, do any of these items ever go out of style? They do not. I could have worn this outfit in 2000 or 2010. Bets on me wearing it in 2030?

Maybe by then, I will not longer need my wardrobe of masks.

the skirt

I purchased the skirt via eBay last autumn. I was pregnant at the point. By the time I wanted to wear it, I was in the third trimester and unable to get it zip it up.

I love the skirt for several reasons. The fit of the a-line skirt is fantastic. It is cut on the bias but does not feel clingy or ride up in the way that most skirts cut on the bias do. The skirt has a rolled waist band which is fastened with a side zip and hook and eye closure. It sits at the true waist. Despite it sitting higher than I care for, the length of the regular size is modest enough that I do not feel overexposed while wearing it. If J.Crew could bring back the a-line skirts that do not necessitate long range sizes, that would be fantastic!

Can we break down the fabric? The shell is wool. The lining is polyester. The best part of the skirt is the unexpected scattering of square sequins throughout. Remember when we got that chic mix of classic and embellishment from the ultimate purveyor of prep? It was the period before the brand went full send Jenna Lyons and to be honest, a phase about which I feel rather nostalgic.

They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore!

the headband

The headband is Jennifer Behr. I was influenced by Blair Waldorf herself, who wore it during Bart Bass’ alleged funeral in the Gossip Girl episode O Brother, Where Bart Thou? Since then, the headband was not available. Cut to nearly a decade later…

Naturally when Jennifer Behr re-released it for the winter, I recognized it. When the Black Friday sale hit, I jumped at the opportunity to add it to my collection.

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