Head Case II

for part I…

While working on the headband round up for this post, I found a Jennifer Behr headband on the deepest darkest markdown ever that I have had my eye on for…years. I have been a women obsessed since Blair Waldorf wore a very similar (exact?) style circa 2007. With that, I went down a rabbit hole rounding up exclusively Jennifer Behr styles on markdown. This brand goes on markdown almost never, so to find one is ever-elusive.

Blair's headband
Credit: The CW

Has it been thirteen years since then since the character wore the accessory? Fact. Does it matter to me? Nope. Is the headband iconic? Absolutely. Just the headpiece I would want to don when sabotaging my dad’s boyfriend. (I kid, my parents are still together and they would be infuriated if they knew I alluded otherwise. Those two are lifers in love.)

Back to the deepest markdown ever… This headband was fifty percent off with an additional fifteen percent reduction. At that point, the 300 dollar Jennifer Behr number was less than a Lele Sadoughi fancy-pants embellished number. Talk about the most ubiquitous accessory on Instagram and on blogs for a solid two years straight! I am not hating, there are several below and some that are even marked down. And beyond markdowns, there are some straight up duplicates from “high street” stores, as the Brits call it.

Shop on. XOXO.


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