Sweat It Be

The studio where I took pilates this past spring recently replaced all of their reformers. I was only slightly dismayed to learn that the carriages (the flat surface that moves) were the same dimensions as those on the old reformers. I have never been able to keep my arms straight while lying down on it, as they are proportionate to the rest of my body (i.e. long limbed) and I lived under perpetual paranoia that my fingers would get pinched or caught between the rails and the carriage. I commented that my torso is nearly too long for the carriage, to which the studio owner replied that the manufacturer does make extra long ones.

Have you ever been in a yoga class and moved from plank to knees-chest-chin and because you are so tall end up with your face on the studio floor, as opposed to the mat, as intended? It is beyond foul, especially when there is 90 degree class preceding the one that you are currently taking. Another tall woman who took many of the same yoga classes I did, mentioned to me that extra long yoga mats are a thing and that I should look into it.

With that, I began my hot pursuit for not only rounding up all of the tall yoga mats, but all of the tall active gear from golf skirts to snowboarding pants.

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Longest Leggings Ever

Since I got back on the workout train last December, I have been working on increasing my collection of leggings. Having amassed quite the selection of black reversible Lululemon leggings with the basic black and patterned waistband options, I decidedly skipped Lululemon entirely and shopped other brands. I passed on another pair of from the Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collaboration, as they did not hold up the way I wished.


Enter Alo. I was skeptical that the 34″ inseam that the item description cited was a typo. I was pleasantly surprised that the 34″ inseam was spot on, with the potential for the leggings to stretch further. The rise on these leggings is higher than the rise on the standard Lululemon Wunder Under. This style fits true to size.

I purchased two pairs in this style. I have worn each once a week since the end of December to either barre, yoga, and namaste + tone. The waistbands in each pair stay in place while going through a vinyasa flow. There is no inching downwards. Perhaps most crucial is that neither pair are see-through in down dog. Especially, when there is a mirror at the back of the class, opaque fabric on the backside is key.

With multiple solid and print combinations, these leggings are a no-brainer for the tall girl whether she is sporting these to the studio or to brunch.

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