Life, Optimized!

Two weekends ago, the Pamper Pirate uncharacteristically fell asleep early. It allowed my husband and I a few hours of uninterupted Peppa Pig-free Netflix. I have been wanting to catch Goop Lab, a series I attempted to watch at the beginning of the pandemic. I distinctly recall getting distracted very first episode over a year ago. Until two Saturdays ago, I just never tried to watch it again.

In the opening episode, Gwyneth said something that resonated with me. It was along the lines of optimizing one’s life because it is the only one one has. Simple words and ones I have heard before. For some reason her statement made me take a step back and examine the ways I can streamline my own life.

Surely there are ways that I can streamline and simplify my life, right? In doing so, I will free up more time and therefore have more energy to spend time with those that I love most. Now that I am a parent, this is more important than ever. First up…

how to optimize your Amazon

I wanted to kick this off with optimizing my Amazon. I must preface this by saying that while I would prefer to support small businesses, and will do so when we return to the states, it is not an option while we are living in Central Asia.

This week I took a long hard look at the subscriptions my husband and I accumulated in the past six months. So many subscriptions that do not align with each other, timing-wise. Different dates and various shipping schedules. Did you know that if you batch your subscriptions, you can save money?

Cut to me batching all of our subscriptions – pantry items, bath and grooming items, household cleaning items, Pamper Pirate items – for a monthly shipment. In doing so, I unlocked maximum savings which translates to over one hundred dollars a month.

As we begin to understand how much we use on a monthly basis, we will cancel subscriptions. This will prevent us from accumulating an excess of any one item by the time comes to move back to the states. We will be abroad for another year and a half, so I will be assessing our needs and only buying for that very specific period. Besides, after witnessing the toilet paper run of 2020, there is comfort in knowing we will eventually accumulate and have exactly enough for the rest of our time here. 🧻


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