Life, Optimized!

Now that this blog has addressed optimizing (and saving money via) Amazon, picking and packing consumables for a short term stay abroad, and packing accompanied baggage for a one way trip for the family, how about optimizing a more common occurrence?

how to optimize household items replacement

Trashing and replacing household items promotes both personal hygeine and a clean home. I have never been diligent when it came to replacing items on a monthly basis, regardless of whether I had stockpiles of said items. (Usually I did.) I realize now, with a toddler in the home, it is more important than ever to keep it clean. I have less time than ever to do so; however this is low hanging fruit. As long as you have the supply, you may as well use it.

what to replace monthly

  • contact lens cases (or as often as you throw out old contact lenses)
  • shaving razors
  • toothbrushes
  • loofahs
  • sponges
  • water filters
  • diaper pail fresheners

best replacement reminder

Not everyone has a Quip Toothbrush or Harry’s Razor subscription triggering a reminder to throw last month’s product.

I remember to replace these items in a particular personal, ahem, way. I keep all items that need a monthly replacement in the same cabinet as my tampons and pads. When I get my monthly cycle, I grab a box of sanitary supplies, along with a razor, toothbrush, contact lens case, Arm & Hammer diaper oil deodorizer, and loofah. This is also my reminder to change the Brita water filter and replace sponges.

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