Juliet Dunn Resort ‘22

Shop Resort 2022 Juliet Dunn via the Moda Operandi trunkshow. Before I really looked around on the website, Moda Operandi and the founder, LSD (a must-follow on Twitter), always seemed so aspirational. I am here to tell you that while the product assortment is decidedly high end, Moda does in fact more accessible brands, Juliet Dunn being one of them.

The beauty of the trunkshow is four fold:

  • One may shop collections in preparation for an upcoming season. These collections are not always accessible to the regular Jane, like you (just guessing) and me. You got to love having that access.
  • Many of the items in the collections would not see the light of day, if not for the Moda Operandi trunk show model. This system makes it less likely that everyone else and their sister is going to be wearing the same frock come the season for which you ordered.
  • Splitting up payment into a deposit and a final payment makes wrapping your head around an especially luxe purchase just a little bit easier.
  • The Moda Operandi trunk show model is sustainable. When the designer takes orders based on consumer demand, it cuts down on inventory, which cuts down on waste. A little louder for the people in the back: the fashion industry is the biggest environmental pollutant second only to the oil industry.

Act now, there are only four days left to place your order. There are several styles and colorways available; these are my top ten picks:

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