Stripe & Stare: πŸŒ€

Another Stripe & Stare set and the last one to be posted on the blog.

the Stripe & Stare set

The founders of Stripe & Stare were on the hunt for the ideal pair of β€œknickers.” Six years of R&D later, and the brand was established in 2017. The styles are made of the sustainable material Tencel, which is quite comfortable. (No joke, it is the Pamper Pirate’s favorite to cuddle up.) So much so, that I ordered five sets of pajamas and counting from the brand.

Listen up tall ladies: these styles run long. While they have 29 inch-ish inseams, the legging effect is in order meaning that the pants and the tops stretch to accommodate. Wait until my next pregnancy (🀞🏼); I will be wearing these sets around the clock.

The downside is that the fabric is delicate. Tencel is can be like that but comfort outweighs the lack of resiliency of the fabric. I would also avoid wearing these pajamas in public as the fabric is ever-so-slightly sheer. This set is more opaque, so I can open the door when takeout is delivered.

Pajamas at dinner? Only in our formal dining room.

Price-wise, this set is marked down. The top is 21 dollars and the pants are 25 dollars.

crewneck: Stripe & Stare // pants: Stripe & Stare // earrings: J.Crew // watch: Cartier (also here) // gummie bracelet: David Yurman // beaded bracelets: DIY // rings: J.Crew // water bottle: Glacce // candle: Anthropologie

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