Life, Optimized!

Life, Optimized has covered optimizing (and saving money via) Amazon, picking and packing consumables for a short term stay abroad, packing accompanied baggage for a one way trip for the family, and hair removal.

Next up is one of the most crucial parts of taking care of the Pamper Pirate. Yes people, I am talking about making homemade baby food. It is so easy, I cannot imagine not doing so. Such low hanging fruit.

how to optimize baby food making

In the months leading to switching to mushy solids, I was increasingly alarmed at the recalls of baby food. Heavy metals? No, not for the Pamper Pirate.

I bought a Beaba Babycook and the Beaba Babycook Cookbook and they have been excellent tools in coordinating a diet for a growing infant to toddler. The best part is how easy the gadget makes it for the parent. Slicing and dicing some produce, popping it in the Babycook for steaming, doing some laundry, loading the dishwasher, putting away the wayward toy, then blending the steamed food.

Voila! Baby breakfast for the next four days. It is the easiest thing on my semi-daily to-do list.


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