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Last week on Life, Optimized! I ventured into the official mommy content category with making organic food with the Beaba Babycook for little loves everywhere. I promise that Lucindervention is not turning into a mommy blog (shudder), but I will be sharing a few of my favorite parenting hacks. Parenthood is tough enough and I am on board with anything that makes it easier.

how to optimize a toy collection

I remember exactly how I discovered Lovevery. I was sitting at my office workstation seven months pregnant. During my lunch hour I was window shopping on Buy Buy Baby. Later that afternoon while I was researching an especially odd building material on my internet browser, I was served up a Google ad for the Lovevery Play Kit subscription service.

I experienced stress about finding my future child safe, age-appropriate, and educational toys. I registered at the absolutely last minute and only because Jamie dragged me out to the Loudoun Buy Buy Baby. Lovevery and the Play Kits filled in the gap that I knew I was not going to get from a big box store. I was sold on the brand after I read about the extensive research. Lovevery brings academics, researchers, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines together for a holistic approach that is simple, accessible, and relevant to families.

While the Lovevery intent is to send each stage-based set at the appropriate age, the company was gracious enough to allow me to purchase the entire Play Kit up front as we knew we would shortly be shipping out overseas. In addition to the stage-based service, one can also purchase a variety of toys and activities. Per the images, you can see that the Tunnel, as well as the Play Gym, the Block Set, and the Montessori Placemat Set are either already staples or just waiting to be unpacked to the delight of the Pamper Pirate.


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