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I am veering from the mommy blogging topics of Montessori subscription toy boxes and organic baby food makers to hydration. I struggle with drinking enough water. Post work from home orders, doesn’t everyone? Back when I reported to an office, I was great about taking a trip to the bathroom and water cooler.

However, I know that if there is a way I can make hydrating chicer and feel more aspirational, I will follow through with the 180 ounces of water a day goal. Enter the Glacce water bottle.

how to optimize hydration

I ordered a Glacce rose quartz water bottle earlier the summer via Net-a-Porter. More like Net-a-PorYAY, amirite? The bottle comes with a sort of koozie that absorbs the condensation. The glass bottle has a capacity of approximately eighteen ounces. It really depends on the mass of the specific crystal with which the bottle is packaged.

Glacce’s mission is to create & share beauty with the world. Since the creation of New Orleans-based Glacce Bottle, founders Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen wanted to share the beauty of crystals with the world as they felt that crystal healing had been a well-kept secret. As such, they wanted to challenge the way people talked about crystals by demystifying the experience and approaching the use of crystals in the most practical of ways, seeing them as actual tools.

In addition to the water bottle, Glacce’s offering includes crystal straws, crystal spheres, extra glass bottles, and a Self Love Kit.

Aside from making hydration chicer, the bottle is such a conversation starter. It goes everywhere with me: yoga, the gym, walks through the park, tucked away in water pocket in the cargo section the Pamper Pirate’s stroller.

Ten refills of the Glacce rose quartz water bottle and I meet my water goal for the day. Priceless.

Glacce Water Bottle

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