Tall Tuesday: A Review of the Slip

Anecdote time…

During the second trimester of my pregnancy, I went back to work for my old DC company after just having returned to the District after four months in Monterey and two-and-a-half years in Philadelphia. My work uniform was either one of four knit maternity dresses of the Old Navy and Gap variety or one of two cashmere dresses from Hatch. The knit dresses were low maintenance except for the fact that they required a slip. One week into being back in the office, I was sitting in our conference room. Something in my clothing felt slightly off. I visited the restroom and realized that my pregnant hiney had ripped my go-to silk slip from J.Crew circa 2010. Quelle horror.

Cut to me purchasing the tall size range Banana Republic Factory slip that I discovered earlier this spring. Actually, I bought several: white, and (three of my versions of) the Tue Hues nude. An honest review…

I think the True Hues line is fantastic. For those who do not know, True Hues is a line of undergarments that are available in range of eleven shades of nude. There is even a quiz online to find your ideal hue and styles. I appreciate that Banana Republic made it more accessible by carrying it in its Factory arm.

I … did not end up loving the material. It is a heavy polyester which I understand was made out of twenty-something recycled bottles a piece. The fit, which is less bodycon than my current go-to slip, is exactly what I wanted. I kept all four, because while the fabric feels heavy, that will be ideal for autumn, winter, and spring.

I just discovered that Banana Republic also has a version of the True Hues slip in tall. (At the moment of writing this post, it is less expensive than its Factory counterpart.) I will say that it appears to have more of a bodycon cut but I suspect that sizing up could circumvent this. I get the sense that it is the better option for summer dressing as the fabric content is 56 percent cotton, 37 percent TENCEL™ modal, and 7 percent spandex. Who would have thunk that Banana Republic would be the retailer catering to yearlong undergarments?


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