Sartorial 9-to-5 VI

I finally got to wear a dress that I purchased during the front end of the pandemic, to the office.

the polo ralph Lauren dress

This was another purchase that I made during summer 2020. We were six months into the pandemic and I was hopeful that offices of nonessential work would be reopening soon. Mind you that my industry (construction) was considered essential though my specific function (estimating) did not require me to be in the office and never on a job site.

It was a thrill to be able to finally style and wear this Polo Ralph Lauren dress to the office three years later. The length is perfect for even a conservative workplace while the fabric (silk) and cut are more relaxed than my typical structured shift dress. I love how the waistband, cuffs, and collar tie are so beautifully designed with the direction of the stripe perpendicular to the rest of the dress. Both the collar and the waist have delicate pleating. The dress is just magnifique and I felt magnifique wearing it.

I am wearing this dress in a size twelve.

the maya brenner initial necklace

I initially (see what I did there) ordered this Maya Brenner necklace via Baublebar. I wore it all the time and eventually just stopped removing it at the end of the day. However for one reason or another I did so at the end of our time in Kazakhstan. The necklace consequently because tangled and no amount of time from myself or my husband could untangle the gold chain. My husband advised I just order a new one upon our stateside return.

It turns out I could have just sent it into Maya Brenner for repair. I had to do so anyways when I received my new necklace: the heart charm had a jagged edge protruding from the metal. When filling out the repair form, which honestly was a bit of a nuisance for a brand spanking new item, I noted that necklace detangling was an offered service for a minor fee. It was definitely less that the price of an entirely new necklace and likely would have taken less time that having a new necklace produced and fixed.

Nevertheless, I wear it every day and as ever, rarely remove it.

dress: Polo Ralph Lauren • slip: Banana Republic Factory Store (critiqued here) • purse: Louis Vuitton (further mused about here) • sunglasses: Krewe • shoes: J.Crew (obsessed about here) • earrings: • ring: • necklace: Maya Brenner • watch: Cartier (also here) • nail color: OPI

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