Holographic Tote

Recently I uncovered a holographic tote bag that reminded me of one of my favorites from the late 2010s. I was instantly obsessed with this tote upon spying IRL at the Georgetown J.Crew. My sister and I swung by while she was in town, and she remarked that the iridescence of the tote and its little sister pouch “burnt her corneas.” Meanwhile I was busy falling in love. Not very longer later I ordered the bag. Corneas be damned.

I carried that bag nonstop during the summers of 2016, 2017, and 2018. It fit everything, although as a basic sack, keeping it organized was up to me. It was great for traveling as a nonparent; my iPad fit perfectly, along with a pochette that I used to keep small items in one place. The iridescent bag was just such a conversation starter; wherever I went, compliments followed. In restaurants, on the street, at the office, in ladies rooms. There was not a better icebreaker around than my holographic tote!

As I mentioned, this new tote reminded me of my old tote which was retired just before our 2019 cross country move to Monterey. While I am not in the market for a new bag, perhaps you are. May I recommend this one for your summer 2023 needs and beyond:

Below are the receipts of my old holographic tote showing up on the blog again and again. Click on any of the below images for an instant throwback. Also, I regret none of these outfits!

Holographic items are coming in hot this summer. If the above bag does not tickle your fancy, maybe one of the below items will catch your eye. Dibs on the Rick Owens coated top!

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