Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Reissued!

I watched a lot of Will & Grace in the last two years. Since high school during the original airing, the original series has been one of my feel-good shows in the best of circumstances; I was even watching the third season episode “Girl Trouble” in which Grace Adler hires an intern who starts adopting Karen Walker-isms, when I started labor with the Pamper Pirate.

Another favorite episode is “My Best Friend’s Tush.” Jack develops a contraption which cushions the bottom from the ravages of subway travel while Grave competes with a much more established interior designer for a coveted account. The competition, Helena Barnes, is played by the incomparable Joan Collins. In the episode, not only does Helena carry her dog, Paxil, in a Louis Vuitton dog carrier but she also also carries a Louis Vuitton Sac Plat with her during the interview scene.

With that, I became obsessed with the latter Louis Vuitton style. There is something about the structured rectangular bag with the dual top handles. In a world where Louis Vuitton has diluted the market with the much less structured Neverfull tote in three colorways and three sizes, I want the antithesis of the bag in which seemingly every influencer is carrying her dad issues. And that is the Sac Plat. Unfortunately the larger sizes were discontinued in 2017.

Cut to just prior to this past Thanksgiving… I was browsing the Louis Vuitton website. My intuition told me to run a search for Sac Plat. Previously this would have pulled the BB size, aka the mini, in a few different colors and materials. I was shocked to see a PM size in the classic monogram canvas added to the lineup.

I previously considered purchasing the Carry It, which has a similar rectangular shape, albeit without a flat bottom. I am so happy I held out for the Sac Plat PM because I love the new version. It doesn’t have the annunciated seams across the bottom (rather, the wide sides are sewn into the bottom panel), it comes with a strap (so it may be worn over the shoulder or crossbody; I probably won’t go that route unless my hands are full with the Pamper Pirate), and it is a bit smaller than the one I suspected Helena Barnes carried, albeit it still fits my laptop with room to spare.

If we could only get a reissue of the Papillon, Babylone (would be a choice alternative to the ubiquitous Neverfull), Ribera, and the entire Epi and Monogram Vernis lines.


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