Louis Vuitton Agenda

I have carried a planner with me since 2007. I was gifted a Coach agenda with the signature woven miniature Cs, about seven inches wide by eight inches tall, for my birthday that year. It subsequently went everywhere with me for fifteen years. Yes that’s right, up to this most recent August.

I eventually stopped tracking classes and assignments as my calendar section expired and I did not replace. That was followed by discontinuing my address book with the advent of the iPhone. However I still used the planner as a means of keeping receipts, travel documents, fare cards for the Metro in DC, Septa in Philadelphia, and T in Boston, and any other documents I may need organized. Fifteen years into carrying one, an agenda is a crucial accessory for managing day-to-day.

With those fifteen years, the wear and tear of the planner is starting to show. I grew increasingly paranoid of losing our passports during our family’s spring stateside trip due to to the closing fastener that was falling apart. Unfortunately Coach no longer seems to produce agendas.

Louis Vuitton agendas were out of stock for at least one year. Luckily I have a sixth sense for restocking of my personal coveted Louis Vuitton items.

Sac Plat PM? Check.

Monogram Accessory Pochette? Check.

Horizon Suitcase? Check.

I very much stalked these items into existence after being out of stock for extended periods of time. I truly thought these items were discontinued. Like I said, as soon as my sixth sense picks up, I run a search for my coveted item and boom. It is inevitably in stock.

The Louis Vuitton agenda restock did not last long. By the time my Damier Ebene large agenda stamped with my monogram in gold (to match the A5 ring hardware, naturally) arrived, both the Damier Canvas and Monogram options were sold out.

Louis Vuitton agenda inserts are where I draw the line. The large size agenda calls for A5 inserts. As such, I purchased a few options from Cloth & Paper.

With the inserts from Cloth & Paper I plan on eventually using it for work. I track my billed time as well as notes and checklists in a Kate Spade notebook. Each pay period gets a page. In case my productivity ever gets called to question, in addition to pulling electronic data, I can reference my notebook to recall projects, challenges, and checklists.

As I will eventually be commuting on the Acela, I knew I needed something smaller than my notebook to keep track on work on the go. By this I mean both working on the train and easier to carry in a purse. The size is slightly larger than my Coach agenda but fits in my handbags.

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