Sartorial 9-to-5 I

I wore navy-on-navy for my first day back in the office in over a year. The styles are sartorially safe and navy is ever-tasteful. As I was taking the train to and from the District from 30th Street Station, I wanted to wear a dress in a dark shade, as opposed to a shirt that needs to be tucked into a skirt or pants or a light color which is prone to attracting messiness. Also with a dress, there is no risk of it shifting around on the commute.

the gap trench coat

Set the scene: autumn 2019. While I was pregnant and about to go back to the office after having taken a six month break from work, I had to take a drug test in order to go back to my old employer. Hilarious as I was pregnant and would never partake especially while with child but it is still standard procedure for the company; I had to do it the first time I worked for them as well, back in 2013. Immediately after taking the drug test, I enjoyed lunch with a friend who was about to move from the district to Atlanta. As this was my last free weekday, I gallivanted from the Golden Triangle Business District to CityCenter to look for a Burberry diaper bag.

Upon entering Burberry, prior to being able to inquire about the ever-capacious Parker Vintage Check diaper bag I just had to have in time for the arrival of the Pamper Pirate, one of the team members guessed that the very trench coat I was wearing was Burberry.

Nope, Gap. And that is how fantastic the fabric and the quality and the fit looks in person.

I am wearing this coat in a large tall.

the j.crew resume dress

J.Crew used to have the best arsenal of lightweight wool dresses, available in a plethora of both basic and seasonal hues, from petite to tall. These days, the variety of high quality fabric is nil, with the addition of the polyester abominations of city crepe and stretch crepe. However the Resume Dress is always stocked in both lightweight wool and a seasonal linen, even in tall! I own several colorways and for good reason. This dress is a workhorse.

I am wearing this dress in a twelve tall. It fits true to size.

dress: J.Crew • coat: Gap • shoes: J.Crew • bag: Louis Vuitton (further mused upon here) • shoes: J.Crew • quatrefoil ring: David Yurman • earrings: Brooks Brothers • watch: Cartier (also here)

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