Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale

The semi annual #resort365 event is upon us. By that I mean the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale (rebranded from After Party Sale) is going live tomorrow Monday, January 3rd around 8 am EDT. While I am on a shopping moratorium, I am looking out for the tall girl looking for clothes that fit. On that note, having a strategy for taking the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is everything. This is my strategy:

prior to the sale…

  • Prior to the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale, take the time to register on the website. Do this immediately. Should you already have log in information for the Lilly Pulitzer site, now is the time to check your registration and sign in on all of your electronic devices: laptop, family computer, smart phone, tablet. Whether you register or just confirm your log in information, make note of it.
  • Though Lilly Pulitzer has an app, during the most recent After Party Sales, the iOS app was turned off. This does not mean that you cannot use your small electronic devices. Take time to familiarize yourself with the Lilly Pulitzer mobile site layouts now to know what you are working with tomorrow morning.
  • Once you are signed in, make sure that both your payment method (ahem, expiration date!) and address is up to date.
  • Know your size ahead of time because all sale purchases are final. Reference Lilly Pulitzer items already in your closet.
  • Make a shopping list of your target items and sizes. Listen up tall gals, this info is for you: Remember when Lilly Pulitzer released long length shift dresses and shorts. It was a true God send for the tall gal who previously may have felt a bit over exposed in the standard sizes shifts. One shift was available in 34 inch length, 37 inch length, and 40 inch length. The other shift was available in 36 inch length, 39 inch length, and 43 inch length. Both were available in size 00 through 16 and were available in different prints and with the signature white trim, albeit in different patterns. It is everything I love about the signature Lilly shift, albeit in sizing optimized for my frame. The shorts were available in three, five, seven, and ten inch inseams from size 00 to 16 and available in two prints; they are the same ones as the shift dresses. Here is hoping that the shifts and shorts are available this round.

the morning of the Sunshine Sale…

  • Brew some coffee.
  • Sign into your account on all electronic devices.
  • Prior to the 8 am EDT hour, log onto the Lilly Pulitzer website on all electronic devices.
  • At the stroke of 8 am, refresh for the sale. This will put you in a virtual line.
  • Do not further refresh the site on any of the devices; this will put you at the end of the line.

you’re in…

  • Sort by size and category in order to filter out anything not on your shopping list.
  • Having an item in your virtual shopping bag does not reserve it. Check out often because items may be unceremoniously ripped from your bag.
  • After check out, jump back in line on the electronic device.
  • Monitor your other devices for access to the Sunshine sale.
  • repeat


  • While you are in the virtual line, be patient. Refreshing the page will not get you into the sale sooner.
  • The Sunshine Sale is not a life or death situation. It is not worth stressing over marked down resort prints, and if this is the biggest problem in your life, what a charmed life you lead. Can I be you?

In addition to the Choose Your Length line, these are items that have the at least one inch worth of fabric in the hem, intended to allow for flexibility to be let out for coverage:

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