Year of Less (0/365)

I know I say this every year, but 2022 is going to be my year of less. Looking at my {summer} closet, I could dress an army of resort-ready women. Not only do I want to stop my already-bloated closet from becoming evermore stuffed, but I acknowledge how bad the shipping halfway around the work is for the environment. Reframing a shopping moratorium as being beneficial for the environment, will help me get around shopping.

Instead of ordering what I would ordinarily have the urge to buy, I am going to Tweet about it in the moment. A Tweet thread of what I wanted to buy in 2022? Yes! Follow me on Twitter for more.

Expect to see a weekly check in on the blog, circa 2018. Also, expect to see less new stuff. This restriction will require me to be more creative with my closet, remixing what I have and perhaps resurfacing items that seem new to the blog but are actually old to the closet. If there was ever an argument for keeping a closet of classics…

I have given myself permission in advance to purchase a Louis Vuitton agenda, large size in either the Damier Ebene canvas or the Monogram {word on the forums is that it is going out of production} and / or a black Chanel Maxi bag in caviar leather. Moderation. And knowing that I am saving money for more investment-type items. (I am still carrying my Coach planner circa 2007. Great for traveling with visas and passports, alas, I would like to upgrade.)

And yes, I am accepting thoughts and prayers for a successful year of less.

While I still have orders from November rolling in, I will be sharing feedback about what I am keeping and returning. Obviously this portion of the check-in will eventually phase out. To kick this year off, these are the items that have arrived, that I love and am keeping…

…and these are the orders that have arrived and I must return, along with a little feedback:

I am returning two pairs of pants from Banana Republic and a dress for Loveshackfancy. The BR denim on the medium wash (posted in the darker wash here) was a size too large and I suspect something about the color annunciated my midsection. The BR cords, which were actually the same size as the denim, would not button. Luckily, the off white pair, still en route, are a size larger.

The Loveshackfancy dress is gorgeous. Silk and fully lined, though it is sheer enough to warrant an extra slip. Even though I erred on the cautious side and ordered an extra large, the measurement of the cuffs on the sleeves is way off. Way too small, and keep in mind, my elbow to wrist is not a particular pain point when it comes to fit. I simply could not get the dress on my arms.

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