Tall Tuesday: Neutrals

I about lost it when I spotted these neutral suede pieces in tall size range. Save for a suede blazer in standard size range from Banana Republic that I bought circa winter 2003, I have actually never found anything like this in sizes that fit. I found the pieces and with a ten percent off coupon, ordered them before my 2022 shopping moratorium. Standby for feedback on the fit…

Fit knows no price tag, and I think a high-low mix makes for the best style. Discovering the continuation of the tall size range from the safari-inspired Heritage line from Banana Republic inspired me to search high and low for other tall neutral pieces in a variety of price points. Included below are my favorite chino pants that over the years I purchased in several colorways and sizes (prepartum and postpartum, give me a break people).

Should I accessorize with a pair of binoculars? Definitely a Jeep.

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