Fit-my e-ring again-ness 7

Routine is the the theme behind the success of my Fit-my e-ring again-ness efforts. Applying everything in moderation including moderation to my everyday schedule has transformed my 2022. I attribute it to feeling lighter, happier, and the most energetic since I became a mom.

Our (the Pamper Pirate and my) routine consists of playing with his Lovevery toys after his dad / my husband leaves for work. Around eleven, we start lunch. The little one enjoys fruit, while I cook my egg and vegetable scramble. I always end up sharing it with the Pamper Pirate. (Because if mommy eats something, it must be delicious!) Usually, we will share a Greek yogurt and granola. Our nugget gets amped for granola!

Next, the Pamper Pirate enjoys a screening of Daniel Tiger while I pick up the apartment between workout sets. I select my workout the day before so I can mentally get on board with the inevitable four 45 second planks, or whatever the most challenging exercise of the next day. During the last set, I fire up the steam room so it has time to fill up prior to jumping in. I try not to let exercise take more than 45 minutes because, moderation. I try to incorporate the Pamper Pirate into it as much as possible. He likes to go along for the ride for lunges, squats, wall sits, glute bridges, etc. Some days it lulls him to sleep and that is the perfect time for a steam and shower.

I am wearing my wedding band as I am typing this. While my ring finger has never gotten too swollen for it, even during pregnancy, it glides on with a lot more ease these days and I don’t panic about removing it at the end of the day.

I have not tried on my engagement ring this week but I did try on a few dresses which previously were challenging to zip up. By that I mean that while it would zip, I would have to enlist my husband’s help in the struggle. One of my favorite dresses of the past summer (and likely future summers as week) zipped up super easily and I was able to do so on my own.

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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