Tall Tuesday: Leather Pants

Today I want to talk about leather pants. Not the faux leather leggings that are ubiquitous across influencers on Instagram. No thanks, not those. Let’s discuss pants made from 100 percent genuine leather and maybe (not faux!) suede as well.

Leather pants, as well as traditional outerwear styles, were in style during the three of the four years that I was in high school. Gap even released an Everybody in Leather campaign. (See also Everybody in Vests and Everybody in Cords.) Did I want a pair of those bootcut leather jeans or did I want a pair of those bootcut leather jeans?

Of course I wanted a pair of the Gap bootcut leather jeans.

These type of clothes became so popular at my suburban high school that a girl in my Geometry class dubbed the lunch room Club Cafeteria, after spying a notoriously annoying sophomore in red snakeskin print pants. Those Euphoria teens had nothing on the kids at L.B.H.S., except maybe a lax school dress code that allowed for exposed midriff.

I digress.

Gap did not have the tall size range that it has today. In fact, I’m pretty certain that they carried long length denim and chinos and that was it. There was no hope that the brand would carry the long length in the beloved leather pants.

That was then. Though Gap rarely carries leather these days and certainly not in tall even after twenty years, their fancy sister Banana Republic does. Even better! At the moment, the retailer is carrying several styles of leather pants in tall or long. Unfortunately they are all of the cropped variety. There is however, a pair of suede bootcut pants with a 37 inch inseam. Fair warning: they run small in the waist but the length is fantastically as promised.

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