Year of Less (49/365)

This week was another successful week without shopping. I am over 1/10 of the way to my Year of Less goal. I have not exercised this type of restraint since I was in graduate school.

What have I been tempted with this week? So glad you asked. In short – everything.

I am obsessed with the blue suede Banana Republic dress. It comes in tall; need I say more? I love the Kate Spade glitter bow heels (uhhh and the red ones) and confetti phone case, but the former is no longer available in my size and I don’t like running with my phone in a case, so I talked myself down from that potential purchase. I nearly lost my focus and just bought everything still available in tall from the Lands’ End x Draper James collaboration. The new Gap spring prep collection is perfection, and again I need everything that comes in tall, namely the trench coat, cocktail shirt, and floral oversized shirt dress. I co-opted my husband’s bright blue flash Ray-Ban Aviators, so naturally, I have been eyeing the neon pink ones. There were two coats, two sweaters, and two spring-ready styles from Polo Ralph Lauren that I have been tracking. Lastly I nearly this Tibi skirt, the shape of which is one of the icon styles of the brand.

The only item that arrived this week was a quilt. The Pamper Pirate often ends up snoozing in between my husband and I. The Pamper Pirate also does not like to sleep under our blankets, which frequently results in one of us without covers. I bought a Graymarket quilt that could be staggered with our comforter, so everyone has their ideal sleeping situation.

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