Life, Optimized!

I am bringing it back to the the mommy blogging topics. Along with the Montessori subscription toy box and organic baby food maker, every parent needs to stock up on reading material. Extensive research supports the benefits of reading to children, as early as the infant stages. While in our home, Daddy takes care of the general bed time routine, Mommy makes a cameo with storytime. Wonderbly books are some of my favorite to read the our little love.

how to optimize story time with Wonderbly books

The company that would eventually become Wonderbly started in 2012. Four friends started developing personalized books. The goal was to bring the best personalized book ever to market. Eventually The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Their Name was released and fanfare began to build. A cult favorite was born.

I purchased three books from Wonderbly for the Pamper Pirate, just in time for our first Father’s Day: 10 Little Yous, ABCs For You, and I Love Daddy This Much. These are favorites to read to the Pamper Pirate, especially since we were able to personalize each one. Since then, I have bookmarked (pun intended) several other books to add to the Pamper Pirate’s bookshelf.

Right now Wonderbly books are two for 20% off with code MULTI20 as well as free shipping for purchases exceeding $55.

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