Sarah Flint Shoe Fit

If you are new around here, you need to know that I am a huge fan (and brand ambassador) of Sarah Flint, the shoes and the woman.

I ended up procuring the tan Natalies twice. I was on vacation when I ordered them and then when I received them, i insisted on wearing them around the flat in an effort to break them in. It turns out I did not need to break them in, but I realized they were too small after I scratched up the bottoms.

Shall we review the fit of the three pairs I own so you may avoid the fitfall pitfall that I encountered? Before we go on, I have a 50 dollar off offer for any pair of regularly priced Sarah Flint shoes. Either click on any Sarah Flint text link, or use code SARAHFLINT-BALU.

Sarah Flint Natalie

The Natalie flats are the Sarah Flint gateway style. I initially got a size 10, my typical size pre-baby. Perhaps my feet permanently spread out but these were the shoes that made me consider that my feet were no longer my typical size.

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. By the time I realized I needed a larger size, the bottoms of the shoes were scuffed up.

Since then, I purchased one suede pair in a 10.5, one suede pair in an 11, one velvet pair in an 11, and one jacquard pair in an 11. When it came to replacing the tan, I played it safe with an 11. Bottom line: go up at least a half size, especially in materials that don’t stretch like velvet and jacquard.

Sarah Flint Grear

The fit of the Grear is more flexible than the Natalie. I went with a 10 in the gladiator sandal. The leather strap across the foot stretches and molds with wear. Ironically, while I had to retire my size 10 Natalie flats, the size 10 fit perfectly.

Like the sales associate says on seminal aughts classic White Chicks: open toe and open heel equals an extra size!

Sarah Flint Emma

I recently bought a pair of Emma block heels. Because it was a jacquard style, and therefore will not stretch out, I got a size 11. The fit is perfect.

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