Kate Spade Wicker Sam

Set the scene: Junior year of high school. The school choir, of which I was not a member (#tonedeaf), took a trip to Manhattan. When the choir returned, I noted that many a female classmate who took the trip returned with a Kate Spade purse. They all were nearly some variation of the bold stripe colorway. (See below reference photo.) As a resident of the very suburban Mississippi Gulf Coast, the only previous exposure I had to the designer brand was through the pages of Lucky magazine. Through the publication I also was aware of how expensive the handbags ran. I knew my parents would lose it if I spent so much money on one item and they certainly would not have bought one for me.

Kate Spade Vintage Bold Stripe Sam
Credit: Poshmark User Slaport

I commented my disbelief to a friend who happened to be part of the choir and went to New York City. This friend witnessed several of the girls purchasing the bags from a Canal Street vendor. After learning that nugget of information, I had a similar reaction as Carrie Bradshaw when visited the Valley with Samantha in search of fake Fendi paradise. The bags did not look glamourous; they looked sad. Like Carrie, it blew my mind that anyone would be happy knowing her purse was counterfeit.

I held Kate Spade purses in such high regard back then. And though my accessories budget has certainly expanded past the price point of the brand, I still hold the brand – which has since expanded categories – in high regard. Relatively recent purchases of the Striped Kate Spade Sam and the Kate Spade Wicker Sam were easy choices. With a gift card and a Black Friday sale, respectively, the purchases were easy on the wallet. They are items that I am confident align with my style.

what I like about the Kate Spade Wicker Sam

The Kate Spade Wicker Sam is timeless. She has lived rent-free in my mind for the past twenty years, along with her sister, the Striped Nylon Sam. That sort of obsession does not just dissolve. These bags are icons and as long as I treat them well, they will be able to be passed down.

I love a top handle bag. I love a bag with a shoulder strap or a crossbody strap. (Anything to keep the hands free for Pamper Pirate-wrangling.) I, however, do not love a crossbody strap on a top handle bag. It is trying to be too many things. The Wicker Sam attempts that, but the crossbody strap clips off. I will keep it rolled up in the interior zip pocket and break it out when the Pamper Pirate inevitably becomes unruly and I need both hands to manage.

The gingham printed lining is perfect for a summer bag. With the drawstring at the top of the excess lining, the contents are secured. As such, coupled with wearing this with the crossbody strap, the Wicker Sam would even make a good travel purse to any warm destination.

Lastly, the price was right. At $318, I was not going to buy a wicker basket bag. However it was much more palatable at the Black Friday {final sale} price of $159.

what I don’t like about the Kate Spade Wicker Sam

Real talk…

Did you catch that the sale price was also a final sale price? I think otherwise I would have considered emailing Kate Spade about swapping out the Wicker Sam Bag I was sent for one that did not have a slanted weave. (See the cover photo of the below photo for what I mean.) I suppose the slanted weave makes it more unique but judging from the product photo {see the below widget}, the weave is intended to be better aligned.

Kate Spade Wicker Sam Basket Bag

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