If the Wrap Fits

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past Saturday. High fives for us for making it beyond 72 days. To be honest, the year flew by.

We started our day by opening my husband’s gift to us. Did you know that the traditional first year anniversary gift is paper? He ordered us customized note cards and stationary from Crane & Co. A tasteful gold foil monogram and text on ivory card stock, respectively. So chic. I am so proud of him for making the customization selections he did.

We ate a quick breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien prior to our appointments for massages at Rescue Spa. I have talked about it before and I will say it again: treat yourself to a spa treatment in lieu of buying the latest handbag / pair of shoes / H&M splurge / etc. Self care pays off in dividends, whether it is in the form of getting more exercise, making healthier choices when it comes to one’s diet, or gifting oneself a spa day. When I was checking out of the spa on my birthday, I was sure to make reservations for our then-forthcoming first anniversary and my husband was so thankful that I did.

After returning home for rest and a bottle of Crianza we brought back from our honeymoon, we left for dinner at Talula’s Garden, where we indulged in cheese, cocktails, pesto pasta (me), fish (him), and cobbler (him) and tiramisu (me).

To dinner, I wore a DvF dress that I have been saving for an occasion other than work. I last obsessed about said dress here. Wrap dresses are especially lovely because of the lack of zipper / snap / button closures. As long as it knots, it fits! It was a drizzly day so I accessorized with the most reliable umbrella I have had (last seen here), as it should be because the husband bought it for nearly a C note.

I finally acquired the Sam, a bag that I initially fell in love with in high school after several girls with whom I attended school brought back Canal Street knockoffs from the chorus trip to NYC. I am proud to say that back then I had the good sense to prefer a legitimate Gap handbag to a fake Kate Spade handbag. When the bag was re-released earlier this year, I wrote about coveting it once again.

It was a perfect day.






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