Black and White and Read All Over

Last weekend was a nice one in Philadelphia, weather-wise. While I spent about half of it in bed recovering from a raging Saturday night out at the Philadelphia Art Museum, I was able to get out and about and took a walk around our neighborhood.

A crisp upper fifties degree day called for a dress layered with tights and a leather coat. It was the first time wearing this dress during the colder months. To be honest, when I caught my reflection in the glass of a storefront, I actually did not love this look as much as I loved how comfortable it was. It just looked like a degree from RHONJ-level trashy. Not to say that the individual garments inspired that thought; it was the mere combination and I just will not wear them together again.

Lesson learned.


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If the Wrap Fits

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past Saturday. High fives for us for making it beyond 72 days. To be honest, the year flew by.

We started our day by opening my husband’s gift to us. Did you know that the traditional first year anniversary gift is paper? He ordered us customized note cards and stationary from Crane & Co. A tasteful gold foil monogram and text on ivory card stock, respectively. So chic. I am so proud of him for making the customization selections he did.

We ate a quick breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien prior to our appointments for massages at Rescue Spa. I have talked about it before and I will say it again: treat yourself to a spa treatment in lieu of buying the latest handbag / pair of shoes / H&M splurge / etc. Self care pays off in dividends, whether it is in the form of getting more exercise, making healthier choices when it comes to one’s diet, or gifting oneself a spa day. When I was checking out of the spa on my birthday, I was sure to make reservations for our then-forthcoming first anniversary and my husband was so thankful that I did.

After returning home for rest and a bottle of Crianza we brought back from our honeymoon, we left for dinner at Talula’s Garden, where we indulged in cheese, cocktails, pesto pasta (me), fish (him), and cobbler (him) and tiramisu (me).

To dinner, I wore a DvF dress that I have been saving for an occasion other than work. I last obsessed about said dress here. Wrap dresses are especially lovely because of the lack of zipper / snap / button closures. As long as it knots, it fits! It was a drizzly day so I accessorized with the most reliable umbrella I have had (last seen here), as it should be because the husband bought it for nearly a C note.

I finally acquired the Sam, a bag that I initially fell in love with in high school after several girls with whom I attended school brought back Canal Street knockoffs from the chorus trip to NYC. I am proud to say that back then I had the good sense to prefer a legitimate Gap handbag to a fake Kate Spade handbag. When the bag was re-released earlier this year, I wrote about coveting it once again.

It was a perfect day.

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Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 242/123

My resistance to shopping in August was consistent with that of July, in that I did not have the discipline that I did during June. Glass half full, at least from a sustainability perspective: I mostly shopped secondhand at eBay and Thredup.IMG_4345

tee shirt dress

Remember when I bought this dress in a size too small back in May? A refresher: I already have a similar dress to the long sleeve tee shirt dress, albeit navy with white stripes, boatneck, and 3/4-length sleeves. I wear it all the damn time. Every time this particular dress is restocked, it immediately sells out, at least in the tall sizes. I finally scored one at twenty percent off, but due to it running small, had to return.

Flash forward to the beginning of the month, I got over the zipper placement and added this dress to my fall queue.1


Jack Rogers had a sale. We are talking eighty percent off prices, people! The bone sandals I have had my eye on? From $125 to $45. It is no surprise that the site repeatedly crashed during my many checkout attempts. This is the only color that I was hoping to add to my collection of ten and my will for a new pair of West Palm Beach sandals won.


dress (eBay + Thredup options: size 2, size 4, size 6, size 8, size 8, size 8size 10 // similar style 1, similar style 2, similar style 3)

I originally spied this DVF dress over a decade ago. How is that for a clothing obsession? I then purchased what I thought was the same dress via eBay in 2011, but I mistook the dress for a different DVF style (refer to the similar styles above). I finally found the dress in a size six but with my chubby phase I am going through, I do not exactly fit in it. Cut to planning for a wedding at the end of the month. I found this same dress from my 2008 obsession on eBay in a size ten and at a very competitive price. Now I have a one for my skinny version and my chubby version. Excessive? Or ingenius? You decide.


Milly // Vera Wang Lavender Label

The red blouse is the same I purchased in a cream colorway several years ago and have already worn on the blog. I love the tonal print. I love the tie at the collar. I love the fabric; you cannot tell via photo but it has the slightest amount of stretch which offers enough give for someone with linebacker-esque shoulders. Speaking for a friend.

The cream and gold shirt is Vera Wang Lavender Label, a brand that was established just prior to the 2008 recession and shuttered circa 2011. Such a shame. The fabrics and the cuts were gorgeous. It was exactly what I imagined a Washingtonian version of Blair Waldorf wearing on Gossip Girl.



No surprise here that I am a fan of Foley + Corinna bags. I saw a blue one NWT on eBay and I was instantly sold!


cardigan // flats

There was a Tory Burch Private Sale. One cardigan in two colorways and a pair of Minnie later…


tartan blazer // tweed blazer // tweed skirt

The new Red Fleece line is so damn good. Straight fire. Rather than indulge in the clothes of the season, I caught some stuff that I missed the last time the trees were bare and at prices that were easier to stomach.


cap toe heels // slingback pumps

Recently I have been mourning the time that I ended up returning a pair of Lena cap toe pumps – as lamented about here – because I thought the heel was too high for me. I have been kicking myself because I genuinely loved the cap toe and the colorway. This very morning I wandered online and found the block heel variation of the Lena pump and at a fraction of the original +$200 price tag.

The slingbacks were not particularly frugal, but they were 30% off. I don’t know what the detailing is going to look like in person, so best order a pair while taking advantage of the free shipping and try them on in person, in the comfort of home. I love the Colette style, as it is the same style as the shoes I wore for my husband’s and my engagement photos. I walked miles around the cobblestone streets of Georgetown in those heels and though I ended up barefoot on the sidewalk much later on that night, after the engagement shoot and after celebrating two friends who had just returned from abroad after eloping and after drinks with more friends who we had not seen in months, the situation could have been much worse.

Fourteen items. That is nearly a purchase every other day of August. Some might say I have a problem. Admitting you have a problem is the first step of getting clean right?

Tour de Shirtdress

Lately, I have been crushing on shirtdresses. I love that they are classic. I love that they never go out of style. I love that they are modest enough to wear to work and still look polished, but they also are perfectly acceptable for brunch.

As mentioned yesterday, I have a few miles to run on the treadmill before I can fit into the three shirtdresses currently in my closet. This one is particularly wonderful because there is a side slit. Thicc thighs rejoice, amirite? Initially I was concerned that it would not be long enough, but the model is 5′-11″ and wearing a size 2. Consider my concerns quelled.

dress (also available here)

Put On Your Thinking Wrap

I love that the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress never goes out of style. Since the 1970s, it has been a staple of every American woman’s wardrobe. The silhouette is flattering on nearly every body type, including the tall type.

I am coveting three DVF wrap dresses. Consider these on my book/mark/down list. I am biding my time and stalking these stunners until they go on further markdown.

dress // dress // dress

The Hookup

Does anyone else recall when J.Crew introduced The Hookup and The Breakup? The former was the pairing of a top and bottom of the same print. The latter is wearing one of them at a time. While wearing one printed piece at a time is not revolutionary, I fell in love with wearing one print top to bottom, and not in the form of a dress or jumpsuit. Something about purchasing two pieces in one print feels very luxurious, yet attainable.


I was watching season one of The City and doing some online window shopping when I found this shirt and skirt combination. As much as I fell in love with this print via the website I purchased from, photos just do not do it justice. The texture and the pattern are next level. I knew that the colors were based in a neutral palette but I was pleasantly surprised that in person the cobalt blue and petal pink pop.

A little game that I like to play is Let the Husband Style Me. I will give him the top / bottom / dress and allow him to pick shoes, jewelry, and when appropriate, outerwear. Sometimes I go with his suggestions. Sometimes I exercise my veto power. Yesterday, I kept the necklace (last seen here) he selected and I layered on pearl jewelry. I added a pair of sunglasses. I switched out the gold bangles for my bow cuffmy coil bracelets and ring. (I know, how very #standard of me.) He initially picked out a Columbia puffer vest; to his credit my faux fur vest (last seen here) was still packed up from last winter. Lastly, the gold heels he picked had to go for patent dark green heels – much more seasonally appropriate for a fifty degree day.

shirt // skirt (also herehere, and here) // vest // bag (similar) // sunglasses // bow cuff // pearl cuff // green stone cuff // black diamond cuff // quatrefoil ring // pearl earrings // pearl necklace