Ode to Clarks Wallabees

As evidenced on my blog time and time again, one of my high school staples, Birkenstocks, have made a comeback. Since 2016, my silver glitter iteration of the Birkenstock Arizona sandals are a summer wardrobe staple. And sometimes, in true Olsen twin style when paired with socks, they get broken out before warm weather.

Lined up along with my Birkenstock Arizona sandals and Boston clogs, were my Clark Wallabees. If Birkenstocks were the official footwear of the 1990s, Wallabees capped off the decade as the unofficial footwear of college students everywhere. The low top versions were also slightly dangerous to wear. I cannot articulate how many times I nearly twisted an ankle from the precarious ever-so-slight-wedge gummy soles of the shoes. It was too easy for my foot to land on the outer edge of the shoe, folding my foot inward. Brutal. And let’s not even discuss what a nightmare they were to break in.

I think I might buy another pair but you know, next year.

Barring ankle injuries, after the initial few days wearing in the Clarks Wallabees, they were a dreamy pair of footwear. They went with jeans of all washes, corduroys of all colors, chinos of all shades. Living on the gulf coast, they worked for every season. For the life of me, I cannot pinpoint when and where I lost them, though I suspect it was around the time of Hurricane Katrina.

Back then the Clarks Wallabees were only available in a neutral rainbow. These days, bring out the acid bright hues!

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