Valentine’s Day Markdowns

Did it seem like every brand and therefore every Instagram influencer shove Valentine’s Day product down our feeds this year? This year it was particularly heavy handed in a way that I never recognized in the past. Save for some tartan around Christmas, I have never been one for thematic holiday dressing and February 14th was not exception.

Edit: My junior year of high school I found a layered looking short sleeve over long sleeve tee from Old Navy particularly appealing. There was a Valentine’s Day-appropriate colorway. It was red body with pink sleeves. I think that was the birth of my love for that {and other} iconoclastic color combinations. I never ended up with that exact shirt, though I did by an alternate colorway in sky blue and spring green.

But for those who jubilantly get into the holiday – whichever one that might be – spirit, buy next year’s gear now. This year’s Valentine’s Day selection is marked down and it is not like hearts ever go out of style.

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