Year of Less (70/365)

Shopping and to an extent, blogging, seems so trivial these days. I understand that others may need an escape from the increasingly dire situation and that is what pulls me back to Lucindervention. I want to exercise sensitivity, as I understand how privileged my position is.

When was the last time you felt life was light? I am going to say 2015.

I finding myself not wanting to shop. Rather, I find myself having expectations for brands and corporations to give back, but in a larger way than a percentage of sales. Ukraine may not be here in the future and Russia is not co-opting brands and corporations.

A trivial moment: I am growing concerned that our mail service has seemed to stop. Our household, not just me, has not received mail since last week. I am able to track a bunch of stuff to Frankfurt. From there, it is routed to Almaty to Nur-Sultan to the embassy to our household.

I can wait.

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