Year of Less (77/365)

Last week was another week without shopping for clothes. I did, however, shop the Dermstore twenty percent off sale. I only purchased travel sized items or items that I could see myself running out in the next ten months. My goal is to not bring full size products back to the states in 2023.

On Wednesday, I picked up my phone to see a text from my husband that read “42 boxes”. Guys, I just knew this was going to happen. Apparently it happened to many others at the embassy. The tragic part is that it there is most definitely more on the way.

Unpacking and subsequently breaking down 42 boxes surely burnt calories. I was thrilled with what arrived: beignets and king cake mix (an entire week after Mardi Gras), heavy Bala gear (that was some quick shipping), the Pamper Pirate’s new backpack and his favorite snack (Cheerios), and enough moisturizer for the rest of the time on the steppe.

The true highlight was the suede trench dress from Banana Republic. It came in tall and it was on sale and I simply had to have it. Banana Republic delivered. It looks rich and better in person than in the photo, and the fit is A+. Well worth the wait; I bought it back in 2021.

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