Year of Less (91/365)

Between work and personal life, I had a very stressful week. It manifested in a rather large purchase after the conclusion of the Pamper Pirate’s birthday celebration. After a rather long period of unavailability, I noticed that the Louis Vuitton Dopp Kit Toilet Pouch was available. I also purchased the Toiletry Bag 25. While the Dopp Kit is once again out of stock and I just knew the availability would not last, the Toiletry Bag remains available for purchase.

I am very optimistic that there is travel in my family’s future.

I have been waiting and waiting for Sriracha sauce to arrive. After looking into my Amazon orders, apparently I just never ordered it? We are also waiting on other Amazon staples to arrive: several bags of granola, books for the Pamper Pirate, simplyhuman trash bags, soap bars, roasted tomatos, Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, and diapers.

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