Fit-my e-ring again-ness 12

Last week was something else. It ultimately made me feel off my game. Between preparing for our month-long vacation halfway around the world and my husband being out of town for a three day stretch leaving me with our very active toddler, I was running on fumes.

The Pamper Pirate did not want to hang out in his (six foot by six foot, mind you) playpen or even stick to our daily routine. As such, I mashed exercise, steam room time, and shower in the Pamper Pirate’s nap time. I thought housing a bag of sugar cookies earlier in the week derailed me but after a day of clean eating, I was set back on my course.

Last week, I concluded the plank challenge, not so strong. I ended up splitting the 4:30 plank into two 2:15 planks and the 5:00 plank into three 2:00 planks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am going to move forward with planking for April:

  • at least two minutes a day in a forearm plank
  • at least one minute a day moving from 20 seconds in a high left side plank, 20 seconds in a high standard plan, 20 seconds in a high right side plank

I am also going to try to do a full push-up challenge for the month of April. One full push-up on my toes for every day of the month, starting at one on the 1st to thirty on the 30th. 💪🏻

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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