Year of Less (98/365)

Here we are, a solid quarter of the way into 2022. My Year of Less has been a success thus far. I pared down purchases, became more cognizant of my consumption or lack thereof, and saved more money in any past Q1 by maxing out my 401k contribution to the yearly limit. I found that I had stronger willpower than I ever believed I possessed. There have been several close calls when it came to shopping for clothes, but I found myself “putting a pin” in any items that tempt me after the item is in my shopping cart and before I click Place Order.

I did place a huge Amazon order to my best friend’s house, as we are going on vacation to the states and it is just easier to pare down items flying with us. Note that we are still flying with ~three~ checked suitcases. This includes the Pamper Pirate’s car seat, a suitcase of his baby clothes that we are leaving with my sister who has a newborn of her own, and clothes that we are going to leave in a suitcase in the states for our eventual (Permanent? Who can say.) return in 2023.

It is my hope that we run through the consumables in our luggage and Amazon order. Maybe four! Pipe dream? We’ll see. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, peep my comprehensive Amazon order. And yes, that is a toddler potty. Though we aren’t pushing potty training, we always want to provide the Pamper Pirate the option.

Some of my Dermastore purchases arrived last week, along with a batch of books I purchased for the Pamper Pirate, enough Irish Spring soap for our remaining time here, diapers, a Lovevery box, and a parcel from Bae Liles that was shipped at the end of January.

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