Scalamandre + Stubbs & Wootton

Stubbs & Wootten loafers come with a steep price tag but I scored the yellow velvet zebra Scalamandre pair on a holiday sale. I also have a pair of hunter green Pollocks from the brand. As such, I can speak to the sizing with confidence. Sizing-wise, I had to return the size 10.5 in exchange for a pair of size 11 loafers. I would typically chalk this up to my post Pamper Pirate pregnancy foot swell, but my husband had to return his for a half size larger as well.

Stubbs & Wootten customer service is top notch. They delivered my replacement shoes with lightning fast speed.

The quality of the footwear brand is also top notch. Upon my first week in Kazakhstan, I slipped and fell in the snow while wearing my Pollocks. I was relieved and impressed to see that the velvet loafer stood up to a Kazakhstan snow bank and later, my husband’s office, as I was bracing myself for blisters as I do for the most beautiful of shoes. Alas the loafers did not ail my feet in the slightest. I repeat: the break-in period is literally nil.

Stubbs & Wootton Coupon Code

I scoured the internet in search of a discount code, and folks, I found one! Unfortunately, it is not applicable to sale styles, the Chefanie collection, nor the Happy Hour collection save for the Celebrate and Martini designs. Glass half full: the twenty percent off does apply to the Scalamandre collection, including the non-footwear accessories, Peanuts collection, Monopoly collection, and Horoscope collection.

Use code FRIENDSOFSTACIE for twenty percent off (via Stacie Flinner).

(left to right from top): yellow zebra slippers (men’s // women’s) • pink cheetah slippers (men’s only) • bright blue cheetah slippers (men’s // women’s) • flax cheetah sneakers (men’s // women’s) • green cheetah slippers (men’s // women’s ) • red zebra zip pouch • yellow tiger print slipper (men’s // women’s) • yellow tiger print mule (women only) • grey tiger print mule (women’s only) • grey tiger print slipper (men’s // women’s) • yellow zebra pouch • black cheetah slipper (men’s // women’s) • red zebra slippers (men’s / women’s) • flax cheetah slippers (men’s // women’s) • navy zebra slippers (men’s // women’s) • orange cheetah slippers (men’s only)

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