Stubbs & Wootton Scalamandré

It is Cyber Week over at Stubbs & Wootton. That is right people, this is not a drill. Every day this week Stubbs & Wootton offered 20 percent off a select collection and when I tell you my fingers were crossed for the Scalamandré collaboration… 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Act now, because we are at the tail end of the sale and I have seldom seen prices so low on Stubbs & Wootton x Scalamandré collection.

For those who are not familiar with the brand, Stubbs & Wootton was founded in 1993 in Palm Beach. During my last trip there, I even went to the boutique. In addition to selling DTC, Neiman Marcus and J.Crew also purveyors of the fine footwear brand popular with ladies who lunch and gentleman of leisure. Though the company is headquartered in Palm Beach with showrooms in California, Manhattan, and Greenwich, the shoes are actually made in Spain.

Can you guess which animal / color combo I bought?

the fit

I typically wear a size ten shoe. I ordered my pair from 2020 Cyber Week in a size 10.5. I had to exchange for a half size larger. Post partum foot swelling hitting me hard, though I had to exchange my husband’s pair for a half size larger as well.

(clockwise from top left): orange cheetah slippers (men’s only) • yellow zebra slippers (men’s // women’s) • pink cheetah slippers (men’s only) • bright blue cheetah slippers (men’s // women’s) • flax cheetah sneakers (men’s // women’s) • green cheetah slippers (men’s // women’s ) • red zebra zip pouch • yellow tiger print slipper (men’s // women’s) • yellow tiger print mule (women only) • grey tiger print mule (women’s only) • grey tiger print slipper (men’s // women’s) • yellow zebra pouch • black cheetah slipper (men’s // women’s) • red zebra slippers (men’s / women’s) • flax cheetah slippers (men’s // women’s) • navy zebra slippers (men’s // women’s)

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