Tall Tuesday: Outerwear

Most women claim to be obsessed with collecting shoes or handbags. Oh hello, Carrie Bradshaw.

Though accessories are easy to procure as you don’t have to chase them down in your size, this is the exact reason I relish, in an iconoclastic move, collecting outerwear. Cocoon coat? Check! Peacoat? Check! Trench coat? Check! Perfect puffer? Check – and in a regular size range fits the tall frame perfectly!

Full candor: a puffer coat was never my style. The longest I have ever lived in one place was the decade I spent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Rather than wearing effective outerwear, I opted for frosting-on-a-cake outerwear. That approach to outerwear extended to my move to Washington DC. Living on the mid-Atlantic merely required the Nello Gori wool coats from J.Crew, layering, and in the worst case, a Lyft, taxi, or bus to work.

Cut to this point last year. My husband knew that Kazakhstan would be colder than anything that I have ever experienced. I tried on every Moncler and Canada Goose coat I could find in my size. After copious boots-on-the-ground research trying on styles at Saks, Canada Goose, and Moncler, I found that Canada Goose was a better fit for the tall frame, as well as the fact that the brand was rumored to be warmer across the internet. Since moving to the Central Asian steppe last year, I have consistently been wearing the Canada Goose Aldridge puffer to protect me from the below freezing, frequently below zero degree Fahrenheit weather.

The body of the Aldridge puffer is long. There are buttons on the bottom sides; these can be unbuttoned and vented for slightly warmer-but-still-cold weather. The sleeves are long with knit cuffs. The thumb hole in the knit cuffs fit even though my arms are longer than average.

Every single one of these coats, sans the puffer in the photos after the jump, come in tall:

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