Year of Less (161/365)

No shopping this week. I told myself I could do it on Tuesday and I did!

Complete shopping fatwah success.

The La Vie Style House caftan and Bea Bongiasca earrings and ring I ordered mid-May arrived. I am obsessed with my bright pink set from the You’re So Vine collection; the newly arrived purple set will be ideal when I need something a bit more low key. I love the jewelry, as I knew I would. I immediately wore it for a Zoom meeting I had with the team on the east coast.

I was indifferent to the caftan. Since ordering that specific one, I ordered three more from the brand, two of which are sequined. To be honest, I am more excited about the more recent orders. Especially because it is such a steep price, I am returning it. It isn’t a matter of fit or quality, just personal preference.

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