Year of Less (176/365)

I am on my third straight week sans shopping. Once I am on a roll, it is easier to abstain from ordering. That is not to say that I was not tempted from shopping vintage Lilly Pulitzer on Etsy and eBay. I nearly spent entirely too much money on a pink shift.

Anyone else want to try to cease shopping? Maybe only until holiday? Columbus Day? Labor Day? Anyone?

I received one of the three La Vie Style House caftans I ordered before Memorial Day weekend. it is much more neon than I expected. I love a vivid hue so it was a welcome surprise. It is sheer as I knew it would be, and it does not come with a slip. Not at all a problem; I have an arsenal of slips in a variety of nude tones and white, as well as slips that came with other frocks.

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