Golden Goose + Some Sale Styles

After a few month stint of being a SAHM, I was asked back to join my former work team. The answer was a resounding yes. Though I loved being a mom (still do), I missed work so much. We were in the throes of a pandemic and WFH with flexible hours was an option for me. In order to do so, I had to get up to Bethesda to pick up my workstation. I laced up my sneakers, packed the Pamper Pirate necessities, and walked from Georgetown to Bethesda on what ended up being a hot, hot, hot summer day. I knew that should it be too hot, I could always jump onto the Metro at Friendship Heights or Chevy Chase.

I completely spaced on wipes, so we stopped at the Friendship Heights Target. About a mile later, we stopped at Neiman Marcus for a bathroom break. A few minutes cooling off in the ladies lounge was followed by a drive-by of the shoe department. The Pamper Pirate allowed me a few minutes to try on Golden Goose sneakers…

I had no idea that the sneakers have a built-in wedge, elevating the wearer. It takes a few wears to get used to the wedge, but the wedge ultimately feels comfortable. While I did not buy the sneakers in the moment, I eventually added two pairs to my closet.

The true test of comfort? Travel. I have worn the silver pair while running to hold a Nur-Sultan-bound (a route that traveled a mere two flights a week) plane for the rest of the family in Frankfurt and the white pair while chasing the Pamper Pirate around Frankfurt.

The downside to Golden Goose sneakers is, of course, the price point. They are notoriously tough on the wallet. However, I rounded up as many marked down pairs I could find.

…Oh and we totally ended up taking the Metro back home.

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