Covetable Caftans

There is no article of clothing I would rather wear during the dog days of summer than a caftan. The style is long enough to bend over to pick up a rogue Pamper Pirate without wardrobe malfunction, yet floaty and breezey enough to keep sweaty glow at bay. The caftan says “relaxed luxe boho” even when one’s mind is spinning in reaction to one’s ever long, ever growing to-do list.

Just me?

Relatively recent brand discoveries confirm that the best caftans come from Texas.

Mirth from Austin

Mirth was founded by two sisters who believe that caftans are the next coming of athleisure and I am here for it! Throwing out all of my leggings in lieu of caftans right now. (Okay. Not really. Those Lululemon Wunder Unders and Aligns were expensive and my bank account would betch slap me if I threw out the workout staple.) This line of caftans are made in India which lends an air of authenticity.

I love this particular style, the Palm Springs, for the length, the vivid color, and the lining.

La Vie Style House from Dallas

La Vie Style House has blown up over the course of the pandemic. Show me a better article of clothing than a one size fits all caftan. I’ll wait.

But we should discuss the one size approach. I, for one, was a total skeptic. I had only seen the brands in seemingly the smallest of models. How could it possibly not only contain, but flatter my size ten, six foot, two inch frame?

It must be the same phenomenon as the sisterhood of the traveling jeans. Founders of the brand, Jamie Coulter and Lindsey McClain, set out to design a style flattering on an array of body types. They nailed it with their caftan.

Word of warning: the return policy window is a mere fourteen days. Also, the caftans do not come lined, so you will need a slip.

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