My E-ring Fits Again! 22

Six months into 2022 and I officially met my goal of fitting my formerly fat fingers into both my engagement ring and wedding band. It has been a banner week for me, for sure.

How about a new fitness goal for the rest of the year? I need something attainable for the remaining six months, as well as something that I can work towards when it is 30 below outside. (I.e. no major race training.)

Numbers wise, I lost about twenty pounds so far this year. I would like to lose another twenty for the back end of the year. It works out to be less than four pounds per month, which translates to one pound a week. V. doable.

I am wrapping up my June push-up challenge. In the way that I try to do at least two minutes worth of planks every day, I want to continue doing push-ups. I think I will do continue to increase count, but do them on an incline.

Oh and July’s challenge?

Chair tricep dips. Going to have amazing arms at the end of it! 💪🏻

Let’s meet back here next week, same time same place, for a check in?

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