Year of Less (232/365)

My husband wanted one of those Baird McNutt linen shirts via J.Crew. In addition to the color he favored, navy blue, I also bought him one of the marked down hues, seafoam green. And because even his feet are growing like weeds, I picked up a set of socks for the Pamper Pirate.

I have had my eye on this La Vie Style House coat via Matches Fashion, since the beginning of summer; however I could not see paying full price as it was still, you know, summer. Over the past weekend, Matches Fashion marked down their entire La Vie Style House inventory. Like its caftan sisters, the coat is one size fits all but I have found that I like that sizing.

My husband has not brought home any mail for the past week, as we are social isolating. Two and a half years into the pandemic and it finally caught up to our family. Fortunately, I think the worst of it is behind us. As such, I imagine that the mailroom at the embassy is filling up with parcels addressed to us. They will have to wait until the end of the week.

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