Tall Tuesday: J.Crew Factory I

A few days ago I found myself poking around on the J.Crew Factory online store. As much as the retail arm of the brand has decreased catering to the tall female, the Factory outlet has not carried tall sizes since 2016 and back then it was a singular pencil skirt in a singular shade of jade green.

This is all to say that my expectations for J.Crew Factory were low. “Were” being the operative word. I have not purchased anything from the store since 2016 when I fit tested several pairs of shoes and kept only the best. Before that, it was 2014 since I purchased an article of clothing from J.Crew Factory, a cardigan I still own.

During this recent perusal of J.Crew Factory, I noted that tall size range has been added. While it has not extended to tops and dresses at J.Crew retail does (did?), skinny and cropped boot denim, skinny colored corduroy, and cropped pants are included in the tall size range lineup.

I will likely wait until we return to the states to order and test drive these styles because Year of Less. I have come to terms with holes in my wardrobe; the cropped bootcut denim is the item I would most likely buy, however I already have the J.Crew retail style in several washes.

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